All EFD rifles are stripped, cleaned, inspected and reassembled. Any components deemed to be unsafe are replaced. Woodwork is repaired or replaced where necessary and repolished. All rifles are proofed, head spaced, and refuse a .305 inch bore gauge. Consequently the specification of all our rifles is as originally manufactured.

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We restore rifles to their original condition or to a state after an official modification when in service. This restoration can be split into three categories:-

In Original Condition
As orignally manufactured. Some metal components that are less than perfect may have been swapped out for contemporary ones that are in new condition. Wood will be as we received it but restored cosmetically. Replacement wood items will be specified and will nearly always be newly made.

Restored to Original Condition
Components that are "wrong" for the model will have been swapped out. If the original barrel is “shot out”, it will have been replaced with a new one.

Normally applies to our No.4 models. Stripped, cleaned and re-assembled with cleaned woodwork.

This isn't seen very often. Usually applies to Lee Enfields such as "in the wrap", blond No.4s.