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The components we produce are of the highest quality in terms of form, fit and function, as well as being indistinguishable from the original. We do not make "Repros" and do not describe our components as such - this term having connotations of a cheap, unreliable copy. We prefer to use the expression "New Production".

We use original drawings, whenever possible. If they are unavailable, being professional engineers, we reverse engineer any components we wish to make. We have invested enormous time investigating and specifying the unique threads used on the SMLE, therefore our components will be a perfect fit to its mating part.  Our Enfield threads are an exact match to the original.

Our wood components are made by one of the best wood machining companies in England. We use American walnut as close to the original as is possible to obtain. Beech is used where appropriate.

Cost is always a consideration, but we insist on the best results. Our prices therefore, reflect the effort we put in to producing the finest product.

If you have any questions or you are interested in something not on our list please do not hesitate to contact us.
Hard To Find Items
SMLE Fore-ends
New made fore-ends for SMLE, Marks I, III and V. Made from American Walnut. These are the original, full shape and both Marks I and III have the inlets cut to take the volley sight disks. Supplied “white” and without metal parts, these items can be adjusted in external shape to suit individual requirements. Knowledge of stocking up is required.

We have a limited number of Mark V fore-ends.

Dial Sight Pointer Screws and Washers
The screw that secures the pointer and the "pesky little spring" to the dial itself. Made from steel, blacked after finishing. The thread conforms to the original special "Enfield" thread. Suitable for SMLE and P14 rifles. (You will need the special SMLE "Multi Tool" to fit it, or make your own). Note: There is considerable variation in the tools issued for this screw, therefore some adjustment to the pins may be necessary. To be more economical, the circular spring is an amended design when compared to the original. But as it is not seen, this is not significant.

Dial Sight Pointers
Long Range or Volley Sight Pointers for both SMLE and P14. Newly made, blacked.

Rear Volley Sights (or "peep sights") for SMLE and P14
We have made new SMLE peep sights. The P14 sights are original.

SMLE Top Hand Guards
American Walnut. New made replicas of the original front and rear handguards for the SMLE. Available for Marks I, III and V. Finished "in the white" or we can stain them before dispatch. Supplied without metal fittings. There is considerable variation in the shape of the original top front handguard. Ours are left “full”, so they can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Long Ejector Screws
For the No4 Rifle, to attach the PH5C target sight. Also available is the long cross fixing screw which replaces the leaf sight pivot.

SMLE Trigger Guard Screws
Extra long to allow the attachment of the PH5A target sight. Made to the original spec. Available in pairs.

SMLE Trigger Guard Screw
Normal length, the most easily damaged screw on the rifle.

SMLE Mark I Sliding Charger Guides
Identical to the original (first) version, with the smaller screw. As it does not interface directly with the bolt head, a metric thread is used for the fixing screw. Tthe screw head is the same size as the original item to ensure cosmetic similarity. This version of the sliding charger will fit both the first and second variation bolt heads.

No. 8 Top Hand Guards
Beech, as per original. Front end left square allowing customer to round it off to his own requirements. Finished "in the white" with a reinforcing piece added to the front band groove. Requires linseed or stain to suit.

No. 8 Wood Sets
Complete wood sets for the No.8 rifle.